Videos promote GP’s winter health advice

Two short videos featuring well-known Island GP Dr John Snelling offer simple advice to Island residents on staying well this winter. 

Speaking directly to the public via YouTube, Peel-based Dr Snelling looks at how to cope with minor ailments like coughs and colds, and offers easy-win antidotes to the winter blues.

In the first video Dr John explains why anti-biotics won’t work against viral infections and suggests a visit to the local pharmacy may be the best bet to find remedies for those unwelcome symptoms.  

Fighting winter coughs and colds with Dr John

The second video has a pick-me-up for those who feel low and lack energy when the grey days seem endless. Dr John explains how the right nutrition and nature’s prescription can do wonders.

Winter wellness with Dr John

Dr John Snelling is GP Adviser to the Department of Health and Social Care and a GP Partner at Peel Medical Centre. Known to many as Dr John, he features regularly in local media discussing topical health issues.

Videos promote GP’s winter health advice - Dr John Snelling

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