Starting a new business is very exciting but can also be very daunting, we have helped a number of new business get off the ground

How does a website help a Startup
  • A Giant Leap Forward – turning your ideas into a potential business
  • Creates a clear picture of exactly what services / products you are providing
  • Helps you define your target audience and marketplace
  • Shows potential suppliers, agencies and service providers that you mean business!
  • Creates a corporate identity – We can design your business logo
  • Email address linked to your business “”
  • Allows time for your website to get indexed by the search engines
  • You have something to show your potential customers or clients
We can also offer you
  • Online Market Research – competition identification and analysis
  • Branding & Graphics -Logo design, fliers, business cards and promotional material
  • Online Business Application – invoicing, project management and customer management …
  • Photography and video production
  • Internet Marketing
  • Help and Advice