Web Marketing and Promotions
Increase your website's ability to be found on search engines

The internet is an enormous growing and changing marketplace. Web marketing is important not only to deliver worthwhile visitors to your website, but also to keep ahead of your competitors.

We offer

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Market Research and Competition Analysis
  • Marketing and Promotional Campaign – development and implementation
  • Banner Ads creation and management, can include your own ad server
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Access to our own Analytics application with choice of daily, weekly or monthly reports delivered to your inbox
  • Marketplace Analysis identifying potential areas of business growth within your sector
  • Setup of feeder sites and channels to bring targeted visitor groups to your website
  • Media Strategy ensuring all your promotions and adverts are linked with clear calls to action
  • Internet Business Development
  • Google Adword management
  • Facebook ad management
  • Twitter for Business ad management

Please get in touch, we offer a free (no strings attached) first consultation and can do a basic analysis of your website.

  • Quick Contact

  • Social Media

    We can help you set up your accounts and integrate these with your website. We can customise your page with tailor made covers and profile images to give your social media pages the look and feel of your website, helping you give your web presence a unified message and a professional look.

    Please note: We don’t offer ongoing support or management for social media

    Through our Search Engine Optimisation efforts, we can help your website increase its organic listings in the major search engines for keywords that will help draw in your target audience.



    Web Promotions

    Our promotional campaign package complements our standard marketing subscription, bringing about much faster results.

    Our Promotional Plus Subscription brings about even quicker results then our Promotional package and allows us to really focus on identifying and targeting new and existing marketplaces.

    Basic Marketing

    Our basic marketing subscription is a long term plan and the types of work we carry out for your site will depend on your business needs. It may involve a combination of SEO, content marketing, integration of your social media, and analytics to help your site come up for relevant search results.

    Blog Marketing

    Regular blog posts with relevant content bring results. We ensure your blog posts meet basic search engine optimization techniques. We can optimise your blog so that when visitor arrive, there are clear actions for them to do such contacting you, requesting a quote, finding out more.

    PPC Marketing

    Also called Banner Ads, this form of advertising can help your website gain traffic from some of the most competitive keywords. All ads are custom designed to reflect your company branding and are compatible with all major ad networks.


    Email marketing

    Email marketing gives you the opportunity to send a tailored message directly to a potential customer. We can help custom design, build and send out emails to large numbers of users to increase traffic, and thus revenue or leads, to your business website.

    Web Analytics

    Web analytics can provide a wealth of information on the performance of your website. Regular reports will show you how many visits your site is getting and what resources are generating those visits. Ultimately this is a tool you can use to make business decisions and improvements and carry out market research.


    Video Marketing

    We find that for many clients a short, simple, well shot and edited video is often enough to enhance a website to convey core values and bring a service or product to life.