Milner’s View Restaurant
Our work included:
  • web development
  • web design
  • page copy
  • photography
  • seo
  • linked social media
  • Google Analytics

This site ties in with the Falcon’s Nest main site whilst reflecting the rebranding of the restaurant.

It features custom menus and Daily Specials menu which are quick and easy to update. This was the first time we have done an online menu for a restaurant. We did look around at some of the top restaurants across – and were amazed to see many of these restaurants did not have menus that work on mobile devices. We build our own that does just that. and all fits in a single page site.

The menu also facilitates the easy adding or removing of special menus over Christmas to during the TT, for example.

We have also included promotions and events which are all controlled from the main site, for easy management.