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Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are great tools to help you to reach your business’s target audience. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, social media marketing allows two way communication with your audiance.

Use sites like Facebook to build your audience and promote your brand, and, most importantly, attract people to your blog or website, which should be the cornerstone of your social activity.

Facebook and Twitter are great but they doesn’t replace a website


Facebook and Twitter are great tools for keeping in touch with your audience and in some cases have almost replaced email mailing lists.

Facebook and Twitter should both be used to bring visitors to your site or blog where they can be presented with your promotions or relevant content in a controlled advertising free environment with clear “calls to action”.

Please note: We don’t offer ongoing support or management for social media

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  • What we offer
    • Help setting up your account and Business Page
    • Creating a Facebook cover and profile image
    • Adding content and links to your About section
    • Integrating a Facebook Likebox into your website
    • Displaying Facebook posts on your site
    • Publishing posts from your site onto Facebook BP with return links to your site.
    What we offer
    • Help setting up your Twitter account
    • Full customisation of your Twitter page and background
    • Twitter Profile setup or updated
    • Linking between your website and Twitter
    • Automatically publish posts from your website to your Twitter account – including a link back to your site

    Business Networking

    LinkedIn for business or business communications – expanding your network of potential customers, suppliers or potential business partnerships.

    • We can help setup your account
    • Link your account to your Website